Design & Functionality Installing Themes & Plugins For Your Niche Site [PT3]

Design & Functionality Installing Themes & Plugins For Your Niche Site [PT3]

Welcome back to step 3 in the course “Starting a search engine friendly passive niche website“, I know, long name right!

If you’re on step 3 I’m going to assume you have read steps 1 & 2 if not please go back and read them. Lots of helpful bits in there for you to think about when choosing a niche, setting up the domain, hosting & SSL.

For those that have read step 1 & 2 an are eagerly awaiting 3 Who are right now peeking, I’m taking so long to get on with it, let’s get on with it.

Installing WordPress How-To

Just tricking you. If you followed along with step 2 you would have had it done for you, for free by Namecheap. Your WordPress install should well and truly be complete. All You have to do is add a theme and install some plugins. In order for you to continue your going to need to log into the WP Admin dashboard.

  1. Log Into Your EasyWP Dashboard
  2. Select Your Website
  3. Then select the WordPress admin login, EasyWP Comes preinstalled with you guessed it WordPress.

Site Design With WordPress Themes Heres How To Install Our Favourite

Well because all the hard work has been done. All you have to do is go to the theme section of your new website and choose one of the thousands of themes available for free, or you could get a paid theme too.

There are so many types of themes to install but I don’t want you getting overwhelmed. So I’m going to give you one of my secrets for success. The theme I use, it has a free and paid version The Free Version Is More Than Enough. It’s fast, Im getting Low 90ties on Googles Page Speed Insights

The Speed Results Are Attributed To My Suggestion to go with Namecheaps EasyWP and OceanWP theme. Sometimes it doesn’t sound like I’m smart but I am. keep reading the course.

Not to mention the theme is packed with great features and addons and just works with little editing if any needed.

The Theme I Swear by for elegant simplicity yet full of features is OceanWP Watch the video below to see how to install Ocean WordPress it’s very simple.

5 steps to install WordPress Themes

  1. Go to themes
  2. Click add new
  3. Search OceanWP
  4. Install it
  5. Activate it

This video will give you a visual aid on installing Not only OceanWP but every other theme as well all in under 2 minutes.

Adding Plugins To Your New Passive Niche Website, Heres What We Suggest!

Look I’m not going lie there are probably millions of free & premium plugins out there and depending on what your trying to build you may need some of them but for now I’m going to tell you the basic plugins you will need to make money and have your blog ranked in the search, and in almost 9 out 10 cases that’s all you will ever need.

And today I have only 2 plugins I recommend and that’s AdRotate & Yoast SEO don’t worry both are free plugins and both are a must.

AdRotate is what we will call an ad rotator you can have a group of ads rotate in one location, this will come in handy later in the course when we talk about making money but install it now.

Yoast SEO is a Search engine optimization tool. It makes your name appear the way you want it, in google search results. It also creates an XML sitemap for you and connects you better to a select few search engines but that’s about where yoasts ends so don’t pay to much attention to red dots from Yoast when writing posts. but I’ll cover those questions in the forum.

It’s easy to install a plugin very much the same as a theme. Here’s how you install AdRotate however, you could change replace that with Yoast SEO the same process applies.

5 Steps To Install AdRotate (Free version)

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins dashboard page.
  2. On the Plugins, page click Add New and search for Arnan AdRotate.
  3. Locate AdRotate and click Install Now.
  4. Once installed click Activate (Same button) and activate AdRotate.
  5. When activated, navigate to the AdRotate dashboard to set up your adverts.

You can find a bunch of helpful guides and docs on how to completely set up Adrotate here > AdRotate guides

Side note about Adrotate this plugin has been around for years and has only gotten better. The pro version is a fair once of payment unlike the yearly options for other services I’ve seen. I truly feel this is because Adrotate does not have an affiliate program and all other plugins like it do. Probably why this plugin falls off the list for people more often than not. No affiliate commissions on this plugin for me but I still highly recommend it it’s an awesome ad plugin.

Adrotate free is packed with more than enough tools to run ads on your site. Just, check out Niche Questions We use Adrotate Dynamic rotator so the ads change every 60 seconds without the page having to reload. Not to mention all my ad links have tracking.

that’s a free plugin, I love it.

Now right here is where you say you have a website and you could pretty much leave it like this and be on your way to creating awesome content, However, there are a few videos you should watch and a couple of helpful articles too, that will have you on your way to changing your OceanWP customization settings and also how to deal with Yoast.

  • Yoast Beginners Guide – a step by step walkthrough on how to set up Yoast SEO Plugin.
  • Yoast SEO Acadamy – A whole membership to free SEO education to make the maximum of Yoast SEO, however, it’s not at all needed in fact just fill in the basic info in Yoast and you’re done.


Your probably going hang on what we are at the end of the post already. Yeah my last few posts have been so long I don’t want you guys to be so overwhelmed you give up. Let’s take baby steps to avoid information overload and you risking burn out.

For today your homework is to watch the videos, set up Yoast, Customize your site using the customize option, change the fonts, change some colors, make an ad banner with some place holder text in it like “Advertise here”.

Set your site up so you feel good about it or happy enough. if your feeling really adventures try some other themes and plugins.

Then come back here for Part 4

Good luck guys 🙂

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