Starting A Search Engine Friendly Passive Niche Website [Intro]

Starting A Search Engine Friendly Passive Niche Website [Intro]

Do you own a passive niche website? maybe your thinking of starting one? regardless your here. This post is the first post in my starting a search engine friendly passive niche site course. It’s completely free so keep reading everything, with no fear of the final piece of the puzzle being paid.

You can also join our community and meet people like you just starting out and other passive niche website owners who are making money online right now.

This course and the Community would normally be a paid offer off up to 1000$ or 99$ a month for most other sites like ours. however, we are doing all this for free.

This article you’re reading now is a general information article explaining what a niche site is, how much it costs, the tools you need, how to make money & how long it will take. This post will cover the questions you may have about starting a passive niche website.

So keep reading this post and the posts to follow so you can become a passive niche website pro and start earning real money online.

What Is A Passive Niche Website?

A Passive Niche Website in our minds here at niche questions is a helpful content site that answers questions people may be asking in search engines based around niche topics such as motorbiking, camping or any other possible hobbies or sport that someone might need help with, etc..

The idea is you answer peoples questions, and if you provide good quality truthful answers following our recipe for success you can then monetize the website. Making your website a passive income site that’s about a niche topic.

So a passive niche website to us is a website that passive a place people will go to for answers to there questions and it earns money from well-placed ads and affiliate links that make you money.

Hence it’s name Passive Niche Website.

If you need a visual of what a passive niche website looks like and what the content should look like here’s one we are working on right now, as the time of writing this post it has got 22, 1500 word articles on it answering questions and helping people.

Niche Website Live Example :

People don’t normally just give away their niche to people like I just did but in this course your going to get to see everything. I want you to succeed.

Why Do or Would You Want To Start A Passive Niche Website?

why start a passive niche website

Why do you personally want to start a google friendly passive niche website?

Here at niche questions we think It is important to know the reason why you want to start a niche website.

Did you know why most people who are a success in what they’re doing are successful? it’s usually because they have a clear reason for what they do. It keeps them always passionate, gives them purpose, makes things a lot easier when they feel things don’t go their own way.

For a lot of people it’s just about their own wants and needs, ex: do you want to have a future without worrying about lack of money? or are you passionate about completing your dreams you always wanted to do but kept in your bucket list; only because you don’t have enough time or money?

If you are this kind of person who wants total control of your life and don’t want to let anyone else decide what your life should look like or what to do, then starting a niche website is one of your best options But you really need to have that clear vision of your brand.

Right now at the beginning, it should be about creating a scalable passive niche website. Filled with helpful content for your readers or viewers.

So our focus at the beginning should be about providing the best quality most helpful content we can in our chosen niches. This means choosing a niche we care about and not just choosing the best affiliate product we can to make a buck off.

If we do this and only if we do this, no matter what niche we choose we will see our websites flourish.

Starting A Passive Niche Website

So you’re here and you’re interested in starting a passive niche website or looking to make your already established niche website more google friendly.

Lets first focus on people looking to start a passive niche website. For everyone else you can follow along as some of the tips you will read will help you too.

When starting a passive niche website your going to need to consider what you’re going to write about and also what your plans for your website will be.

In most cases, a passive niche website is just that “passive” and it should be something you can set up in a few months and then just leave it to do it’s thing, only having to update and add content every few months to a year.

The most important thing you will need to consider when starting a passive niche website is the actual niche you will be creating content for.

This is something you shouldn’t spend ages on, just pick something and start creating content for it.

The next post in my starting a google friendly passive niche website course will be about choosing a niche & buying a domain, please don’t miss that if you’re unsure of how to choose a profitable niche for your website.

How much Does It Cost To Start A Niche Website?

how much does a passive niche site cost

Well, let’s break this down for you so you get an idea of how much you can expect to pay for the first year of your passive niche website.

  • Domain: a domain name is the name of your website please choose a .com for the best results, everything else is just not worth your time. a .com domain name from Namecheap retail for about 12$ a year and normally if you install an app like honey or search online for coupon codes you can get this down to as low as like 7$ for the first year. We have a whole post about choosing your niche and domain so don’t rush off to buy one until you read that post here: Step 2: Setting Up Domain Hosting & SSL
  • Hosting: now having a domain name is useless without having hosting, your hosting will point to your domain name in simple terms and this will make it available for the world to see. If you’re just starting out I’d suggest and use on all my new niche websites Namecheap’s Easywp the First month of hosting is a 1$ and then it’s like 5$ a month after that is you choose to pay monthly. However, if you purchase the yearly package it’s like 25$ for the year. Read our post about setting up hosting Your Domain & SSL: Step 2: Setting Up Domain Hosting & SSL
  • SSL: The simple version is SSL is the little green lock you might see in a browser this means the website is safe and secured. These days most browsers are moving towards this being a must and if you don’t get one it will make your passive niche website look unsafe. they are normally about 12$ a year. Read my post here about setting SSL up the smart way 🙂 Step 2: Setting Up Domain Hosting & SSL

Total cost of about 50$ for a year.

Almost everything else you will need to create your passive niche website is going to be free to use and I’m going to take you through signing up and using these tools in my future posts in this course.

So if you have 50$ you can start your dream passive niche website today and in about a year and a half could see it starting to make a profit if you follow my starting a google friendly passive niche website course to the letter.

What Do You Need To Make A Passive Niche Website?

Ok here is exactly what you will need to make your passive niche website in list form i’ll go over these in future posts that will explain and teach you how to use them all.

  1. A Niche (Free)
  2. Domain (Paid)
  3. Hosting (Paid)
  4. SSL (Paid)
  5. WordPress (Free)
  6. WordPress Theme ( I have a great (Free) Theme To Use)
  7. Tracking & Analytics (Free)
  8. Google Webmasters Account (Free)
  9. Content Lots of Content = Content is what your reading now (Free).
  10. Youtube account (Free)
  11. Pinterest account (Free)
  12. Pixabay (Free)
  13. Canva account for creating images for blog posts and Pinterest, (Free).
  14. Later on, you will need to sign up to a few affiliate programs or advertising companies like Ezoic & ad thrive (Free). I’ll discuss this is lots of detail in our monetizing your site post: Link soon

This is really all you need to make a stunning social google friendly passive niche website. I will suggest making content your focus and I’ll explain this in a future post.

For today what you need to do is consider the option that you can start a passive niche website. Do you want the chance of quitting your job and supporting your family from content you create for the internet?

Do you want the freedom to go on a holiday whenever you want and share memorable experiences with your friends and family thanks to words and video content you have uploaded to your website?

Do you want to be your own boss and work when you want to work or as hard as you want to work, knowing that if you give it your all your going to see more growth in your business and not just the same old flat rate hourly pay you get from a job?

I know this feeling, having worked for minimum wage for over 20 years. Niche websites have added so much to my life, and not just wealth.

How much & When Can You Expect To Make Money?

how much and when will i earn from my niche website

You have gotten this far and I’m happy you’re still reading. Most people will scan through your content and or read the why do you want to start a niche site and see it involves helping others first, writing helpful articles answering questions people have, making pictures for Pinterest and uploading a short video or 2 to youtube and that’s it, they close the window & move on to some get rich quick scheme.

I’m not going to lie what you earn is dependant on your ability to either write or create video content or your ability to outsource quality content for a small investment.

Generally, you could expect to see about 2000$ + a month in about 20 Months. However before payday for a year or so you will see nothing and it will look like nothing is happening at all.

Our course will give you step by step guidance and support during this time. With our question and answer forum available for you to ask any question you have about your website.

A Passive google friendly niche website needs time to be indexed by Google and this is why we build it today and in a year or so it will start making money as the articles you have written start to get indexed by google search and other search engines.

With all this said, the amount of money and in how fast you can expect to see it. Depends on the niche you choose, the quality and usefulness of the articles you write and the amount of time you have to keep the articles coming consistently.

Niche questions will teach you how to scale your niche website so you can make it explode, but for the basis of the course, it’s about creating a scalable niche website that by the end of the course will be on track to earn about 2k a month or thereabouts.

Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick program, this course will help you create a website that will take time and effort before it makes money if it makes money at all. we can help you have the best chance of succeeding by giving you a clear guide on how to create a site and the content for it. The actual writing of the content will be up to you and thus the expected earnings from your niche site will be different from other peoples results.

How Do You Earn An Income With A Passive Niche Website?

Ok so let’s break it down a little so you really can see how to make money with a passive niche website. It’s actually very simple while you may think it’s hard. but don’t worry we are here and so is the community every step of your journey.

Now if you want a super passive niche website; one you only have to log into now and then to add a new article or video. Then advertising in a sidebar or in a post will be the number one way to make money from your site.

However, your other options are affiliate products, these are products other people create and you get a commission for recommending them to other people when they purchase from your affiliate link.

Last but not least and depending on your niche is info products, these are a great way to also make money from a website. like this course I’m creating for you, this could be an info product if I wanted to charge for it. but it could be something like a 10-page book telling someone how to do something from start to finish with pictures and you could charge a few dollars for it and sell it over and over again for years.

How Much Time Will You have to Invest?

You could create a passive niche website with only an hour or two a night and with this time i would spend it writing or creating video content for your website.

If you can create anywhere from 20 to 40 articles or video on any given niche you choose you will be well on track to making 2000$ a month from your passive niche website.

2 hours a night over 3 months should see you hit the 20 to 40 articles mark.

So, in short, it should take you 3 months of 2-hour work sessions a day to create the content you will need for your website. Now if you want to outsource the content you can drastically reduce this time but it’s at a cost of about 35 dollars US per 1500 word article.

We suggest writing this content on your own it’s free and only you can best represent your brand.


So after all that what do we know about a passive niche website?

We now know we have the ability to set our own passive niche website up for less than 50$. All we have to do is write 20 to 40 articles of about 1500 words each helping people by answering questions in specific niches.

We now have a question to ask ourselves, am I going to commit to this?

All I can say is don’t let your fear stop you from creating amazing content online. For a yearly payment of 50$ for the chance of making 6 figures from one website you really have to ask yourself if you can’t afford to lose 50$ on a chance of a better future for you and your family.

So What’s My Next Step? I’m Ready To Do This

So what’s next, well, you have 2 options, you can either ask a question or join our community and chat with people in the forum. Or you can go to the next post in the course and begin your journey following our course in creating amazing passive niche websites that will earn you an income online.

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