Domain, Hosting & SSL Best Choice For Your Passive Niche Site [PT2]

Domain, Hosting & SSL Best Choice For Your Passive Niche Site [PT2]

Welcome to part 2 of the course Titled Starting a Passive Niche Website. in this step, we will choose a domain name, set up hosting, SSL, and install WordPress website software. I’ll explain what I believe after setting up well over 150 blogs today, to be the easiest and cheapest way to start a quality blog right now.

This will totally simplify everything you have been fearing. in fact setting up a domain, hosting and SSL has never been easier than with what I’m going to suggest.

In my last post Choosing a Passive niche. I gave a long-winded explanation detailing the art of choosing a niche. however, in reality, it’s as simple as choosing something your willing to talk about a lot.

Part 2 will be more to the point, so don’t have any fear 🙂 but before we can go too much further your going to need to buy a few things. this is one of the only investments in your business you’re going to make this year it will come to less than 50$ Today. How many businesses can say their startup cost was less than 50 bucks.

Read ahead For my choice of domain provider, hosting provider, and SSL provider. You need this to have a website and this is the best quality dumb proof way to have an awesome scalable passive niche website for next to nothing a year. I say dumb proof because it’s what I use 🙂

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Passive Niche Website!

Choosing a domain for your passive niche website will be a lot easier if you took the time to choose your niche first and it’s my suggestion that if you haven’t already done that go back and read part 1 of the course.

If you have your niche in hand we can begin.

It’s really very logical at this point if you have a niche lets say RC Drones, you would be wise to try to get a domain that cleverly has the word drone or even RC in it

example: or makes it catchy and most importantly memorable.

Side Note: A play on words is great but don’t get so creative nobody gets it’s. You can alienate people before you begin With too much name-bling. ~ I just created that word its mine now.

So I find that you’re not always gonna get the first name you choose and that’s why I use Namecheap to choose my domain cause they give me a bunch of sugesstions and alternate TLD’s such as .org .net however I strongly suggest .com almost always for a websites main domain.

Use the domain name search bar provided by Namecheap and explore all the wonderful possibilities for your new passive niche business.

I can’t really help you here unless you use the forum and ask me what id choose based on your chosen niche.

however, once you have a name that you’re happy with and it’s not already taken, add it to cart. you can sign up to Namecheap now or do it at the end it’s up to you I always like to sign up first. you can do that here using my affiliate link – Sign Up For Namecheap Now!

Disclaimer: Yes, it’s an affiliate link but everything I’m suggesting is exactly what I’m using on my blogs so yes ill make some coin from referrals but its also something I believe to work well and affordably so much so that I use it myself.

Choosing The Right Hosting Solution For Your Passive Website Need

I really promised at the start that I wouldn’t start rambling on but, bare with me here.

What I’m about to suggest is not what a lot of others would say but it’s cheap and really good for the price.

I also believe there is no need for any new blog created to have super awesome dedicated private hosting. Maybe if your blog is getting 1 mil page views a month would it really every be necessary to switch to something other than Namecheap from what I see.

And with all that said the first few months of a blog are a dead ghost town of a place, no one knows about your site, it has next to no content on it, it’s embarrassing to show it off. There is no need to cater to massive loads of traffic for at least the first 6 to 24 months. Ok, I’m done.

For ease of use, set up and go and Dirt Cheap Price That Doesn’t sacrifice quality and service. I highly recommend the easyWP starter package first month is like 0.02c otherwise 6$ a month. managed hosting solution like this is perfect. I run all my blogs from one pannel and its magic.

You can check out plans and packages here View EasyWP Starter Package

I’ll explain how to set all of this up in a moment but for now, familiarize yourself with the plans and packages for .com domains EasyWP managed hosting & SSL Certs.

Do I Need SSL HTTPS:// ?

While you don’t need SSL most browsers these days will show your site as insecure. You may of seen The insecure sites Warning telling you to back out while browsing the internet. If you haven’t that’s because most people have added SSL these days.

I highly suggest you add SSL to your website it doesn’t cost much more & it’s worth it. It will also make your website safe and secure and more trusted by your readers and search engines like bing yahoo and google.

You can add SSL to your Passive niche website here.

Setting It All Up And Bringing Your Passive Niche Site Together

Well this is the best part of it all and another reason why following this guide I’ve created is so awesome for you. Namecheap has the best live chat customer support I’ve ever seen so much so that as soon as you pay for your SSL domain and easyWP starter pack contact there support team and get them to set everything up for you they will share links to articles you can read and you should but they will set the whole lot up today for you.

Here’s a little script you can copy and paste in to Namecheap’s live support chat.

Hi, I just brought EasyWP a .Com domain and SSL. I have no idea how to make them all come together. Is there any chance you could please set them all up for me, I give you permission to do it. Thanks so much, I’m not very tech savvy.

They will ask for a support pin and the domain name in question too. they will do it for you if you ask and tell them you don’t know how to do it. Domains are big money and it’s all apart of the service to keep your business another reason I love Namecheap.

There is no point me showing you how to set it up if Namecheap is more than happy todo it for you.

Once they have set it all up you will get access to EasyWP dashboard and from there you can log into your WordPress admin and start adding content to your website. We will cover creating content in future posts in this guide series

Here’s proof my websites are hosted using this method and here’s also what your dashboard will look like.

It really is that easy to go from an idea in your head to picking a website name and getting it on the internet.

Fun Fact: it takes 48 hours max in almost all cases less in most to have your website from thought to reality Using the services I’ve mentioned above.

In Summary Of It All

In reality, your going to need a domain, hosting, WordPress software installed on a host that your domain is pointed at. Letting Namecheap take care of the work for you is awesome it frees you up to do what’s important, create content.

Choose the EasyWp Starter pack, and addon a domain and addon a SSL cert and checkout with a discount.

~there is always a discount or promo going on with Namecheap install honey browser extension unless you don’t like money Just google HONEY.

Contact Namecheap and ask them to set up your EasyWP, Domain, and SSL then once you can visit your website and login to your admin section come back here and wait for part 3 in the course setting up plugins and choosing a template for your passive niche website.

So that’s it that’s the end of Part 2 In the Starting a Search Engine Friendly Passive Niche Website Course. I really hope you found it useful this is the best option for the majority of new bloggers and business owners out there looking to start a bunch of passive niche websites.

I also want to say go check my page speed on google page speed insights I’m getting 90+ 🙂 your website will look good and be fast like the pros.

See you with your new website in the next post.

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