As the title of this page says this is my developer love / credit page. there are so many people programmes websites and Dev’s that go into creating a website like niche questions and to have there links all over my website would look untidy no offence to you beautiful people. I have however created this page and given everyone a little flashy whoo ha for their supreme awesomeness.

ASGAROS FORUM: This is possibly the best WP Plugin forum you can get use and support best of all it’s 100%. The support here is better than most paid plugins. however there is a very clear road map for the plugins development and don’t think your going to change the wheel here Thomas / Asgaros is a man on a mission to complete his vision and I can honestly say after using this plugin for months on 2 of my websites it’s brilliant and he is achieving his goals with this one. Download Asgaros – Devloper Website:

WORDPRESS: no website could be complete without WordPress well maybe the websites I build. WordPress is by far the best CMS I’ve ever used it does everything and getting custom work done is simple and pretty affordable. Most people understand WordPress coding if they know code. WordPress WordPress.Com & WordPress.Org

More awesomeness to come There are so many wonderful people we want to thank & we will very soon.