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[WP PLUGIN]Affiliate Plugin That Pays User For Refering Signups.

I tell you ive been looking for a free affiliate plugin that allows you to run an affiliate program, but all I want our program to do is pay per 1000 CPM views of a ref link or pay per signup [Pay Per Signup Prefered]I'vee tried a few things ill keep going. 


This isn't because I'm cheap its for 2 reasons really,

  1. I want to try to do this on the cheap for you guys, so you know the cheapest way to do it.
  2. I can not bring myself to pay 200$ a year for something I deem to be a basic feature.

The plugin will need to integrate with the rest of the plugin we use. if you have any suggestions of a good free affiliate plugin that has the ability to pay per signup of the standard WordPress signup form or custom site signup form preferable it integrates with BuddyPress & Asgaros Forum.



Everything I have found this far you have to pay stupid amounts extra for that one feature, use of sign up form. Or you get everything but you can only use one type of signup form and that feature is paid. I call BS if you ask me another reason why we at niche questions need to make this stuff we would never make it so complicated spammy and upselly (~Just made that word up its mine now!)

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