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Where I've Come From Randell Monaghan

Well today I wanted to start the My Journey section of the forum off with a little run down of what has lead me up to owning Niche Questions. Some of my past work and a little bit of a story about me and my online experience.

I've been working and living out of home since I was 13 years old, I dropped out of school before year 8 and I got a full-time job 30 mins later.

I've been slaved for 50$ a day more times than id care to admit. having worked in construction, demolition, and really pretty much everything, I've been a cook a call-center operator, a delivery driver, cashier, clerk, mortgage consultant, Security guard and many more. 

I was never happy with anything,  I was really never happy working for someone else. 

Here are some pictures of me at work well the ones I can find some jobs I'm just happy to forget.

randell security

randell Security

Rsndell Demolition

randell demolition

I used to have to remove this shit pardon my language it's called friable asbestos very bad shit, it will kill you.

randell asbestos

randell removing asbestos

Friable Asbestos Randell

This is me farming of all things farming mushrooms and no not magic ones this job gave me asthma the smoke you see in the picture is not smoke its mold spores from the mushroom.

Randell Farming

Ok so I'm only showing you this so you can see I'm not full of shit. I've actually been slaving my ass off for years and all at the same time I've been building online businesses.

I've owned so many websites it's almost impossible to list them all. Besides that ive I've either sold them or moved on to other projects. Cutting the phat sometimes is good.

But I can give you an idea of some of the sites and what they where about I'll stick to some of my more notable websites. I owned 15 PTC, PTR, Traffic Exchange, Solo Mail Websites, and they really were pretty good during the time traffic exchanges where popular however nowadays they fail epically.

I have run over 100 blogs over the years building them up and flipping them to friend's family and selling online.

I've been an affiliate for 11 years,  one program I used I only used a free google Blogspot blog and made 1000$ of commissions before the program ended.

If I was smarter when I was younger I would have taken more pictures of my projects but I never planned on being where I am today.

It's impolite to ask how much money I've made over the years I can tell you I've spent over 1.5 mil on having a good time. so you do the math.

When I first started working online back online in 2010 I swear everything that was out there about making money online was almost always a scam. 

The Gurus would call it fleecing the sheep. Us being the newbie sheep not knowing a damn thing about how this worked would get fleeced.

I spent over 2k on getting rich make money programs over the years and not one of them did a thing. I can assure you my effort level was always 150% and I still couldn't get their trash to work. 

It wasn't till last year when my wife and I were talking, that we decided we were going to build Niche Questions and teach people to make money online 100% free the right way, the way that really works.

And here we are.

This is a very short version of my story I don't want to give everything away in one post all I can and should say is, your not going to get fleeced here. I don't want your money, in fact, I will pay you to be here check out our affiliate program.

I'll update this post with some more info as time goes by hopefully one day I'll finish my journey and be able to close this post to be framed on the internet for the rest of my life and beyond.



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