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Niche Questions Affiliate Program - Join Now!

Hi everyone, Today I've got a great opportunity for you. Niche Questions now has an affiliate program. This is the official post explaining our affiliate program for, so it's going to be a long one. skip it if you want to sign up, otherwise it's very simple just go to the  NQ affiliate tab in your Niche Questions profile if you already have a account.

So first and foremost I just want to thank everyone for there interest in our affiliate program and I hope you can make the most out of it for your new passive niche income website.

Why Are We Offering A Affiliate Program

It's actually out of a want to create everything someone needs to start a passive niche website. we wanted courses, community, advertising, affiliate program, SEO tools, and well everything someone would need. We can't have everything but we can provide a new Income Site owner a chance to earn money from day one. they can always change affiliates programs or ad companies later when they have much more traffic but we figured a relaxed start to advertising and something we knew was going to pay and be trustworthy was the best way to go. It's also nice we could confidently promote this service to new clients in our blog posts & courses.

Long and short it's pretty clear, new website owners don't have many options for CPM and Pay Per lead Ads, The services we have tried are a bit lets say, "rubbish". we wanted a service that wasn't going to get you in trouble with search engines, SEO, and social media. so we created NQ Affiliates.

Offer - Commissions

Currently, we have 1 way to earn money as an affiliate with 2 more coming shortly. I'll explain them all & let you know which one is active and what one is not.


Our Paid Per Signup Is Active - Offering 0.25c AUD Per Signup To Niche Questions (Must Complete There Profile To Be Considered Valid). this signup is only valid through our special VIP signup page - get your affiliate links > go to the  NQ affiliate tab in your Niche Questions profile.

  • CPM

Our CPM Offer Is Not Currently Active. - Our CPM Offer Will be 1000 x Views of Our Website = .50c AUD Regardless of the origin country. We were tossing up making it cost per click of like 0.01 AUD but we can leave that open for discussion below. Personally, I think CPM is better for everyone, and 0.50c a thousand is fair for a brand new website with no credibility. Now when I say no credibility I don't mean lack of quality these are new website owners with a passion to make it their websites are beautiful. 


Our Commissions Offer Is Not Currently Active. - We are in the process of setting up advertising for sale Paypal buttons when you use your affiliate link to refer people to this page any purchases for advertising they make will see you get 30% commissions. We have all thracking in place and your link is set to have a 14-day cookie, just to make sure you get awarded that sale.

Banners & Links

Niche Questions Promo Banner

NQ Affiliate Promo Banner

Link to any page on our site by adding ?affiliates=AFFIDHERE


Take a banner or a link share it with friends, family, and people you meet in the street that seem interested in starting a business online or learning more about passive income from home. get them to visit the link and sign up so you earn 0.25c per sign up.

Coming Soon: Place ads on your website in sidebars footers etc.. write blog posts taking about us here at niche questions get people to visit our website via links and banners and get paid .50c for every 1000 people you send our way. Don't worry we track everything for you.

Coming Soon: It's never been easier to earn money, know someone looking to promote their website on a top website Like Niche Questions, well send us your referrals and when they purchase advertising you get 30% commissions.


Payouts will be made exclusively through PayPal no other methods for payment at this time. 

Payout minimum is 50$ no resets or monthly fees don't need to refer a minimum each month to keep the money from the last it stays in your account until you hit the minimum even if it 10 years from now. early release on a case by case basis at the discretion of Niche Questions Management. (part of our customer retention program)


See terms for full terms and conditions, but basically it's standard with any ad company or affiliate program. no traffic exchanges to boost impressions, no self-referrals no fake traffic, all of this will be seen in the statistics and will end in account suspensions. These types of acts are a form of fraud and will be treated as so.

Join Right Here Now!!!!    Read Full T's&C's 



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Hi, this looks awesome im going to sign up right now and start promoting this. cheers for the opportunity. I really like mum and pop businesses like this. i can tell it feels real. 

Really loving the forum you will be seeing a lot of me.

Wow I have a signature check these great sites out, I added them to my rotator of free advertising reload this link ( Free Advertising ) a few times to see all the free advertising and opportunities.