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G'day Mates My Name Is Randell Owner/Admin Niche Questions

Hi, my name is Randell Monaghan. I have been working online for 11 years. My wife & I create passive niche websites to build them up and flip them for a profit.

We tend to create great content on the site's, place advertising, and then sell. Sometimes you find a few beauties like niche questions and you decide that's it I'm going to turn that into an authority website its a long road but it must be done for a niche like this.

Anyway, I talk a lot and if you guys need any help I'm always here watching stats and checking numbers.

You can even email me here:

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or you can even call me on my real mobile and I can try to assist you via phone

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Please only call during business hours I have small children. business hours are 10am till 4pm EST

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