Choosing A Passive Niche For Your Online Business [PT1]

Choosing A Passive Niche For Your Online Business [PT1]

Choosing Your First Niche For An Online Business

You’re on Step 1 in the course on how to start a search engine friendly passive niche website. In today’s post, We’re going to start by talking about choosing the right niche for your brand new online business. 

It’s quite simple to start an online business but there are quite a few things to consider. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years and from what I’ve learned in that time the best way to earn an income online, is to provide a service or quality content I should say that actually helps someone searching in Google. 

Over the years Google has become massive; if I was to put it in one word. 

So as a blogger and a website owner, that’s looking to make an income; it should speak loud to you that creating a website that adheres to Google’s policies and procedures and also helps users searching for helpful content, would be the best passive business plan.

Being that person that answers questions in a positive constructive way that actually enable someone else to then take your advice and put into practice and have it actually work for them; Is actually the best thing you can do for your business. 

Especially if your main goal is to create a very passive online business that you don’t have to spend all of your time on. If you choose a niche around these aspects it will allow you to then create a passive website that would give you the freedom to spend more time with your family & friends.

Ok so with that all out the way, what you should be doing right now when choosing your first niche to start creating content for is to consider what you can do to help someone else.

Pro tip: choose something that you’re passionate about or something that you have experience in or that you’re willing to learn and teach as you learn.

Doing this will help you help others in creating truthful accurate informational content that they can consume. Just like the blog post you’re on right now, that’s telling you how to create your first niche website.

You see I have this information because I’ve done it.  creating content in this way is usually the best way to see significant growth in your online business long term.

I assure you this will be a game changer in your new online business if you implement this. in turn, this will help you choose the perfect niche to be in.

Consider This When Choosing Your Niche

When choosing your first passive niche for your website, you’re going to have a lot to consider. Hopefully what I tell you next makes this whole process easier.

List Of Things To Ponder About Each Niche You Consider

  • Is my written/video content going to be useful
  • What value does my content have to users
  • Will I be creating written, video content or both
  • Can my small niche website grow Into a large business & more importantly brand?
  • Do I know anything about this niche and if no am I willing to learn about it.

A lot of people when they start a niche website, start to think about the monetization and making cash as the forefront of their decision for choosing a particular niche; “this niche has a great affiliate product, I really want to sell this product it will make me heaps of money let’s go with this niche”.  

however, I really think you need to consider providing quality content that people can consume. You need to answer people’s questions in order to be able to get those same people to return back to your website month after month after month. 

Google will reward you if you follow it’s simple guidelines so in order to create the best passive niche website that you can. You need to be able to provide users with quality content that they’re actually searching for.

You can always monetize content regardless if there’s an affiliate product out there or not. The problem with any website is getting people to actually read it, care about it, re-visit or share that content online.

So what do I mean by this? Choose your niche based on something that you actually enjoy and know about; This is honestly the best tip that anyone can tell you. 

If you write about Hobbies and interests that you actually care about your going to do a better job at writing that content over the long term.

Sure you can probably pump out 10 or 15 blog posts about a topic you’re not interested in. You’ll find if you’re writing about a topic that you actually love and enjoy or a willingness to learn about it as you go.

Those posts that you write will be 10 times better than some affiliate product reviews in a niche that you don’t really care about, just because the affiliate commissions on the products are higher.

Again these are all just some things to consider.

Making Sure You Don’t Niche Down To Much (Explained)

So you have an idea of a niche for your new online business. But have you niched down too much and capped yourself of maybe turning this passive niche site into a large authority site.

What I mean by this: while it’s good to pick a niche that is niched down a little bit and you should be doing that. You don’t want to niche down too much.

Here’s an example, it’s really just to give you an idea, the niches I’ve chosen are random. I just want to add all the niches mentioned may have success. I didn’t check them I’m just trying to make a point about limiting yourself too much when it’s not necessary.

Example: A General Pets Blog

Niche it down: A Fish & Aquarium Blog

Niche It Down Too Much: A Breeding Goldfish Blog

I’ll let you know, no one is perfect and even I have made this mistake. Sometimes it’s a fine line between niching down to much and just finding the right little subcategory for your niche that you can create content people are searching for.

It’s all trial and error. If you’re really stuck go over to the Q & A forum and ask “is this niche a good niche” and type your niche. we will happily give you our thoughts.

What Content Will You Create For Your Passive Niche Website?

Knowing what content you’re going to create on your website will help you understand more about what niche is going to work for you.

Think about if you’re going to write content in post form like I am now, or are you going to use youtube and transcribe your video to a blog post and put them both on your website or are you going to do a mix of content like we plan to here at niche questions?

Knowing this is helpful and I’ll explain why.

If you know your writing blog posts and text-based articles then you can think about what you would write and title that post, in fact, you could look for a niche and think about 20 or 30 posts you would write.

This is helpful because you now have your whole website planned and writer’s block won’t be an issue. The same will go for creating YouTube videos or doing mixed content.

It will also give you an idea if your niche is going to be the best one you should be in. If you struggle to think of content to create for your website your in the wrong niche.

This one is really quite easy. Go over to google trends

Type in your chosen niche and set the date range for as far back as it will let you until the current day. Now view the graph and look at the trends.

Without getting too complicated you want to see the graph have highs and lows throughout the years like a wave. however, if the graph starts really high but gets lower that means the niche might be dying out.

Do a youtube search for how to read google trends there are a few videos out there. We will put one together in the future for you. ultimately you want to see a wave in your niche meaning it’s seasonal or something like that. it’s much better to be in an evergreen or seasonal niche than a niche that’s dying.

Example Of A Evergreen Niche “Finance

evergreen niche google trends graph example

Example Of A Seasonal Niche “Camping

seasonal niche google trends graph example

Example of a dying niche “Fidget spinners“.

dying niche google trends graph example

The graphs I’ve added above with give you a visual of what to look out for in the niche your choosing. You don’t want your niche trailing off to nothing, like in the dying nice graph.

Checking The Competition In Your Niche?

Ok So by this point in the post, you must have some idea of some niches your willing to explore more.

At this stage, you will want to look into the competition. Now if you followed my steps above you should have some article or video title ideas of what you’re going to write or talk about.

Take these titles and search them up in google see what the first page results are.

These results are what you will want to beat.

Count how many words each post has this will give you an idea of how many words you going to need to write or how helpful your content is going to have to be. You can use a site called to do this.

Let me just say almost every niche will have competition, but some niches have far more and are just not worth it. Two that come to mind are finance and cooking. you will be hard-pressed to rank in Google for these niches.

General Competition shouldn’t scare you. However, WebMD, government sites, and Authority sites with 100’s of articles should.

You want to see search results that have article lengths of under 1000 words. On forums, stack exchange, quora, and little blogs. Niches like this are great and are easier to rank in.

But with all that said sometimes you have to compete for the top spot and that’s just what you have to do if you want to make money online. Sometimes competition makes your content better because you can see what others have done and then try to beat it.

So while you really do want a low competition niche for your first niche site. It’s not always possible in the niche you care about. So always go with what you know about regardless.

Can You Turn Your Simple Niche Website Into A Big Business

Another important thing you should think about when choosing a profitable passive niche is, can you turn your little passive niche website into a more authority website.

Is there room to grow, can you become a leader in your chosen niche.

Either option, Niche Or Big Authority Site are both good businesses. For your first site though you should just pick something that can become a purely passive niche website.

Post Summary

So here we go you made it to the end and let’s summarize what all this means.

Step one choosing your niche for your passive niche website. 

Choose a niche that you have knowledge in, something that you enjoy or are willing to learn. then think about at least 20 to 50 articles or video titles, in each niche that you might consider. 

when you have this information you will then go to Google and do a bit of a search for each article title. Check out the results and see if you believe that you could possibly beat the search results returned to you for those titles.

Go to Google Trends and check out if your niche is evergreen, seasonal or a dying niche.

Think about whether or not you want to create a passive niche website or you want to build that website into a big business authority site with thousands of posts on it later on down the road.

Understand the type of content you’re going to create for the website. will you be creating video content or will you be writing a blog post or a mix of both? 

Pro Tip: my personal experience, I find a mix of both yields the best results.

Choosing a niche is really hard for some reason for people and it’s one of the top things everyone asks when starting a niche website it’s always “is my niche good?” “Will my niche work?” And I think any niche can be a winner if you have the dedication to your business.

I just want to add this is step one of your websites. This is really the hardest thing you will probably have to do on your journey to success.

Don’t waste too long on this, find something you want to talk about a lot, for a long time. You want topics people would be searching for and you can provide them with an answer to problems they face.

It’s not as hard as you think, and I’ll give you another bit of advice. 

Sitting around thinking about what you could do is less productive than actually doing something even if you fail at it the first time. What you learn is priceless.

So you are well prepared now to choose a niche. There is nothing more that anyone can tell you. Choose something you like, see if people are searching for it, make sure you can write or make videos about it, and just go for it.

If you have any questions about this post or your niche ask a question or use the forums. And we will happily answer them as promptly as we can.

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