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Anyone have a list of good marketing forums, that allow signatures and have top poster of the month and reward members for being active?

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I don't have a large list, I do believe Cerberus would be able to add more to this he's the man for this sort of thing. however, I have 2 that I think are perfect based on your criteria.

  • Warrior Forum - This place has been around for years, it can be a bit full-on for new marketers but I do enjoy it here been a member since 2011.
  • Top Ad Coop - This is actually a pretty new website about marketing and advertising being their main focus run by the same company as Niche Questions.

Hope this helps. 

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Oh those two are perfect, I'm a member of warrior forum and your right, it can be full on for new members. I have never seen top ad coop and that's right up my ally. thank you very much.

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I have a really Large and Active one to add:

Marketing Checkpoint

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