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When you wake up every morning do you have a special routine? Besides the obvious (Getting dressed, brushing teeth.) what do you do to better yourself and business.

Do you have a positive affirmation session before you start, maybe you tell yourself your going to be successful. Or do you mind map your day and allot your time to your tasks.

Let me know below whats the top most important 5 things you do everyday to start your business day.

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Generally I start by checking my calendar seeing where I'm meant to be and when. I then prepare mentally for the day ahead. Pray, affirmations all of that good stuff. When im in a good headspace I go straight for coffee and arguably this could be considered a normal thing but id like to say I need coffee to get through the day lol so its very important in my business day. I spend time with my family because they empower me to be awesome. I then Write at least 1 bit of content for any one of my websites I run bare minimum. Then Support & Email and that could lead me anywhere.)

I was really scraping for the Top 5 can't wait to see what others come up with. when you said top 5 I though maybe I'm not doing enough in my morning to get ready. so I kind of threw in what my day consists of.

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