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Im so Sick and tired of people copying me online, i take photos they get stolen, i make images they get stolen, i write copy and content it gets stolen. I'm so upset about this. its so much work writing DMCA claims all day long and legal methods are expensive. there has to be a better way. besides that if im writing DMCA/takedown notices all day i dont get any work on my business done. ( maybe i should do this then the pirates will have nothing to steal)

how do you stop people stealing or copying pasting your work and trying to pass it off as their own. It's really driving me crazy now. im finding it hard to be oh well let it go.

sure i know i'm the original creator but the rest of the world doesn't and it shits me seeing someone else do well using my content they didn't pay me for or even say thank you.

sorry im very frustrated and i think its coming out here, im very thankful there is a place i can ask this question and please dont let the ton of my question come across as rude i'm just going bald trying to find the answers i need.
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Content Piracy The Internet Needs To Get Better At Dealing With iT

Oh mate, i totally understand why you sound frustrated. the sad answer is there is no way, filing DMCA claims is just part of the game.

I honestly go through this myself. now days i've gone past letting it go and i'm well paste angry and i've even given up on dmca claims.  Now i just say the person is pathetic and is not talented and hell they clearly need the charity.

i can assure you that person will never succeed it may not seem like it right now. but believe me this person if ever does get to a position where their so called skills they have showing for sometime need to actually be performed in front of a boss or client they will fall flat on their face.

People like this are stupid. and you just cant help stupid people, they will run the gauntlet but inevitably will fail and fail hard. and hopefully its bad enough to go viral so you can laugh your ass off at them.

me id DM them and say sucked in but that's just me.

What you can do to make it hard for them. because the best way to stop a pirate is prevention and just making it not worth their while.

Here's what I'm doing now to make these guys look stupid.

  • Add EXIF data to your images creation data author all that good stuff they wont know its their and you can catch them red handed. - this is one example of software you can use to edit the data. but keep in mind exif data can be stripped from a photo so some smarter pirates have tools to strip the data from the file.but its still worth doing.
  • Watermarks on all images, use canva or paint what ever you like but add your logo to the middle of the picture so it can not be cropped out. make it transparent like 75% so you can hardly see it. if Your image is good you can always remove water marks later and sell the image. that's why i use it's ripper. it saves your files so you can add remove elements at any time.
  • Make Images low Res so they look rubbish then have clients purchase high quality versions.  or make images a thumbnail and have clients purchase other larger sizes. Images are a hard one especially advertising banners like the 468x60 728x90 and 300x250. I personally make these for businesses and they get stolen all the time, its hard to watermark the center of a image your using as a ad banner or blog featured image so sometimes you just gotta take the hit sadly.
  • ad Copy, well sad to say there is probably not much ad copy out their that your writing that someone hasn't before you. This happens to me a lot, i run advertising sites and people copy me all the time, like word for word on a similar site in same niche, i just laugh at them and again what gets me through is reminding myself their pathetic. (I'm really harsh today but your question really resonated with me and got me fired up.) truthfully though take it as a compliment someone thinks your way is better than anything they can do. feel sad for them lol consider it donating to a charity case.
  • Now blog content, well this my friend is a a hard one, DMCA and cease and desist letters are the best way. making sure your content is 100% original before posting yourself before running around like a mad man is the best place to start. You see even if im not copying someone my content and most peoples content has a lot of similarities to other peoples content. its hard to be 100% original in today's world, not straight off the top of the head anyway. so there is a good chance people are not stealing your content you both just may write very similar it's not as uncommon as you would think. however adding a No Right Click Script is an annoying way of stopping the ease of copying your content. it doesn't stop people really though you can bypass it just makes it harder and a PITA.

Here's a couple of no right click scripts

  • You can also make your content paid content locked behind a membership site, this in my case is the very last alternative but in some cases can't be avoided. i'd rather make 2$ a month for an image or 2 and a few paragraphs of content then no money at all. it will also narrow down who is stealing your content so you can keep their money and block their access lol.

In general i feel the internet is years behind in dealing with this stuff, a DMCA/take down notices and cease and desist emails are PITA. You need to write them a certain way and you need all this proof and the worst part is it's time consuming. but the pros and cons list to fixing this problem would be crazy. i pity the person that steps in to find and implement and better system it will be very difficult but every content creator on the internet would love them for the rest of their lives.

Personally i think that's the worst thing pirates are stealing screw the content your talented i'm talented we can also take another great photo, write a kick ass blog posts, create an awesome script or software. But we can't create more time.

Their is no cease and desist letter for time stealing pirates. so my advice to you, for your self and peace of mind is let it go. take as many prevention measures as you can and if something is really valuable and its worth the time trade to write the dmca or others then do it if it's not just leave it your way more important and its hard to be creative when your mentally not feeling good.

good luck mate, hope this helps.

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Awesome Answer Randell.

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