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Is there a perfect way to promote your websites and boost their rankings. What's the best method for non blogger style websites. actual splash pages and single one-page sites. content doesn't really work in this case as it's only one page.

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Here's what I do,

I make the content or copy long form, and I really labour over it and make it perfect. nothing spammy a real story. full or keywords and helpful information.

I then make sure I have all the relevant images and alt tags and everything like that squared away.

Ihen will promote it via banner exchanges but earn my credits for them sites using other sites like traffic exchanges ect..

I will then add it to traffic exchanges and other advertising methods both paid and free for maximum exposer.

I try make my one pagers have multiple revenues too, so ads, earn me advertising & cash. plus I always add email capture HVO etc.. so im selling a main product with the chance of getting an email even if they don't buy right away.

Ultimately all this traffic will send signals.

Eventually I cut the traffic exchanges out so you decrease bounce rate, then just use Banner exchanges this much more organic & motivated traffic normally.

Sadly time will tell if you got your keywords write, your content right, your images poped, and your initial ad push boosted Alexa and got people talking you will start seeing rankings in search engines.

Sometimes you could be in a good niche and 24 hours later your ranking 1st on google, but how much traffic will you get it's always the trade off.

Think the question could be answered better but this will give people something to think about.

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