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Thus, the spatial structure of reefs is directly related to intense anthropogenic pressure from local as well as regional sources. Therefore, improved spatial management that accounts for both local and regional stressors is needed for effective marine conservation. Regions due to it has the largest target market compared to syariah loyalist and conventional loyalist segments. In customer behavior side, customers preferences and information resources toward Islamic banks will be the important factors which could influence customers behavior when choosing Islamic banks. The four factors influence customers in choosing Islamic banks are building physical’s appearance, ATM network, variety of products and profit rate.

Generally, there was a decrease in the value of electricity bill compared to the before the replacement. The program of kWh-meter installations and replacement of the armature has a payback period of 2.66 years. This is the main report; there is an accompanying report containing appendices on air quality measurements, emission factors and inventory, exposure calculation etc. 38 refs., 18 figs., 17 tabs.

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All three rivers are major source of water for different usage viz. Domestic, industrial, agriculture and recreation but uncontrolled withdrawal and sewerage disposal causing deterioration of water environment in recent past. Water Evaluation and Planning model was used to model river water quality pollution future scenarios using four indicator species i.e. Dissolved Oxygen , Biochemical Oxygen Demand , Chemical Oxygen Demand and Nitrate . Result for simulated water quality as well as unmet demand for year 2030 when compared with that of reference year clearly indicates that not only water quality deteriorates but also unmet demands is increasing in future course of time.
  • Was conducted and environmental simulation programs using CFD and Ecotect was used to explore and analyze the performance of windows for natural lighting and ventilation and further developing of energy efficient windows.
  • The research also fond contradictive phenomenon of marriage meaning between marriage meaning with the sacred law of marriage, whether it is in state regulations, customs and norms of society, such as same-sex marriage phenomenon (gay/lesbian, swinging behavior, samen leven, and free sex.
  • This paper describes alternative technology for treatment of household wastewater or organic wastewater using anaerobic and aerobic submerged biofilter.
  • In the general context of pollution control in urban areas, this study demonstrates how advanced process-based models can be efficiently used in combination with field measurements to bring new insights into complex contamination problems.
  • Then, work stress, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, and job satisfaction have a simultaneous and significant effect on employee retention although work stress individually does not have a significant effect on employee retention.
  • Beyond than just its obligations but has become a conscious citizen that cares about its environment both natural and artificial.

The implication of this study provides recommendations to enhance museums’ accessibility performance expected to be in line with accessible tourism concept. The results show that conversion of forest and farmland areas reduces the ability of Ciliwung upstream watershed to store water. Therefore, its ability to reduce the flow of surface has been decreased. This creates a decrease in the cost savings of annual stormwater, from US 15,175,721 in 1989 to US 13,317,469 in 2014. The Environmental Services Payment Policy for upstream community groups managing the watershed has been considered as a fairly effective policy.

Kesalahan Harus Dihindari Saat Check In / Out Dari Hotel

Quantification of urban growth spatial-temporal patterns, as conducted here contributes towards the understanding of exposure and vulnerability of people and infrastructures to natural hazards, as well as the evolving trends for Desain Ubin Kamar Mandi (new content from Kickstarter) assessment under projected urbanization conditions. This will underpin better risk assessment efforts for present and future planning. The number of samples in this study was 114 high school students of tenth grade as experimental class and 115 high school students of tenth grade as control class. Learning algebra concept is needed in learning mathematics, besides it is needed especially to educate students to be able to think logically, systematically, critically, analytically, creatively, and cooperation. Besides, the students’ learning motivation increases because students can construct the concept of algebra with props.

As well as referring to the indicators of the success of the product phase of compulsory education program, it can be concluded that the stage of successful products, because its value at a high level of completeness that range from 94% -103 %. And to obtain information about ciri khas desain keramik kamar mandi modern the strategic development plan for elementary school library in accordance with the standard of school facilities and infrastructure. This study is a survey research using exploratory and descriptive methods. Descriptive method used to analyze the results of questionnair...

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Hotel is unique because it is part hotel and part apartment. So the whole area is consisted of 3 or 4 tall buildings, and one of them have been turned into a hotel while the other three buildings remain private apartments. The swimming pool for the hotel is located in different area from the apartment's pool so visitors of the hotel can enjoy their own pool without having to be disturbed by the apartment residents and vice versa. It's my first design so please bear with my newbie skills, LOL.

This pollutan pose adverse health effect especially resparatory problems and premature mortality. This paper presents a model for estimating the level of pollution and the impact of that pollution on human health. An air quality model is developed using Gaussian model for urban area and the social-economic impact are estimated using Dose Response function. Simulation of the model shows a dynamic model is a powerfull tool for estimating the pollution level and the impact of the pollution. The result of the simulation can be used as basic information for decision makers to design some environmental policies for reducing the pollution level from vehicles emission.

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Theresult of research shows Entrepreneur Student Program has been well done and met theev...

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